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Looking for the best laser and medical treatment center in St. Petersburg, Florida? Look no further. Voyage MedSpa and Wellness in the best medical center to help you look and feel your very best. At Voyage, our medical professionals will provide treatments for excessive sweating and hair loss.

Hair Restoration Treatment

If alopecia has been causing you to lose confidence, you’re not alone. Alopecia is a term used to describe various forms of hair loss. The types of alopecia include female and male pattern hair loss, alopecia areata (total or partial loss of scalp and body hair) and traction alopecia (develops from tight hairstyles). It’s normal for anxiety and diminished self-esteem to arise when faced with thinning hair or bald patches. That’s why Voyage MedSpa and Wellness in St Petersburg Florida is here to help restore your confidence with its customized PRFM hair restoration treatment program. 

In addition, Dr Ben-Kane is a board certified physician who understands both the technical side of alopecia. She also understands the emotions that come along with dealing with alopecia. With her team’s care, you’ll be able to face alopecia head-on and look in the mirror with an empowered attitude once again. Like many others, you too can regrow your hair back.

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Hair loss picture
picture of fuller hair after prfm hair restoration near me

After 4 sessions of medical prfm hair restoration in St Pete FL

Laser Hair Removal

If the hassle of constantly shaving and dealing with ingrown hairs has got you down, laser hair removal is here to save the day!

Laser treatment stop hair growth in its tracks, and it can also help those who suffer from painful hidradenitis suppurativa. Most importantly, laser treatments can treat all areas, your legs, back, or face. Voyage MedSpa and Wellness is the best place for laser hair removal in St. Petersburg, Florida, for men and women. The professionals specialize in laser treatments for a variety of skin and hair types so that everyone can feel confident again.

It typically takes more than one treatment, as hair grows in three stages. However, Dr. Ben-Kane and her team of experienced Laser Professionals at Voyage MedSpa will get you on the path towards smooth and hair-free skin.

Specializing in men laser hair removal, we are able to achieve optimal results you desire. Imaging not having to shave again. With laser treatments, say goodbye to hairs on men’s necks, hairs on men’s back and even on buttocks and face.

Voyage MedSpa in St Pete, FL offers laser hair removal for men. Your treatments are designed to avoid sweating after laser hair removal.

Frequently asked questions

Can I shave the morning of laser hair removal? Yes, you can, but we would prefer that you shave 24hrs prior to your treatment.

Can men get laser hair removal? Yes, laser treatment is great hair removal for men. It is very effective for removing all unwanted hairs from both men and women’s bodies. Facial hair removal for men can also be achieved with lasers. Our laser technicians also provide scalp laser hair removal for a bald head.

Does laser hair removal work on ingrown hairs? Yes, this treatment can help stop ingrown hairs from forming.

What about neck hair removal? Yes, our lasers are effective for removing neck hairs

Can I sweat after laser hair removal? Yes, you can sweat after your laser treatment. Laser hair removal does not affect or destroy your sweat glands. On the other hand, you will not be sweating more after laser hair removal.

Does laser hair removal stop sweating?  No, laser hair removal does not stop sweating. It is effective at removing the unwanted hairs that cause excessive sweat. 

Can I go in the sun after my treatment?

Yes, you can enjoy the sun after your treatment but it is important to protect your skin with sunscreen and wear protective clothing if possible. Avoid direct sunlight on the treated area.

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(Excessive Sweating)

Excessive sweating can cause serious anxieties in social situations and make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. With Botox® treatment, excessive sweating is a thing of the past. In addition, you can control excessive sweating anywhere on your body, from your scalp to your feet.

Botox is FDA-approved for the treatment of excessive sweating. Botox blocks the nerve signals responsible for excessive sweating and prevents sweat glands from producing too much sweat. 

One frequently asked question we get is does laser hair removal help with sweating? The short answer is yes it does.

If you have excessive sweating in your underarms, palms, feet or even groin – Voyage MedSpa in St. Pete Florida is the best place for treatment. Dr. Ben-Kane and her experienced Medical Professionals understand the mechanism of excessive sweating. They are ready to help you gain control over sweating so that you can live without inhibitions. Reserve your consultation today and find out more about hair loss and excessive sweating.