Voyage Gallery

Meet beautiful Samantha. She was concerned about her forehead lines and didn’t want to have botox because she thought it would make her look unnatural or over done, but after our treatments at Voyage MedSpa-you can see the difference!

Meet beautiful Elena. She was unhappy with her skin pigmentation (melasma) caused by hormones. She tried to cover up the hyperpigmentation by wearing a lot of makeup. But after a consultation and a customized treatment plan which included 3 treatments from the salt facial device, hydrainfusion with TXA along side some chemical peels -she has regained her confidence in herself once again!

Matt has dealt with receding hair and thinning hair for several years. He came to us frustrated after using different oils that claimed they would grow his locks but didn’t work. He wanted something more natural-looking than a transplant. With our prp treatment combined with exosomes Matt’s seen improvement in 6 weeks–his confidence has also improved.

Jessica has suffered from years of hair loss due to traction alopecia caused by several years of wearing weaves and having her hair treated with chemicals. After receiving 4 treatments at Voyage medspa, she is finally gaining back her self-confidence and can smile again when she looks at herself in the mirror.

Aaron was looking for a solution to his receding hairline and thinning locks. He tried hiding under hats, but that just made things worse! After coming to us at Voyage we helped him find an effective treatment plan which included growth factors and prp treatments. After 3 months of regular appointments his hair is thicker and he is much happier.

Years of spending time on Florida’s beaches left Gail’s skin leathery and made her look much older than she was. She had spent many hours out under the sun without protection.

When she visited us at Voyage MedSpa, we put together a treatment plan which included collagen stimulation treatments, fillers & laser resurfacing.

Gail can now enjoy being social again knowing no one will be focused on her leathery neck.