About Voyage Medspa & Wellness

At Voyage, we will help you age gracefully though aesthetic, wellness and medical therapy training. Your Medical Aesthetic Professionals will design a customized plan for you. You know you deserve it – reserve your consultation today with Voyage MedSpa Professionals.


We empower you to age healthy while looking and feeling your absolute best. We promote diversity and the end of discrimination towards our LGBT community.


To be the leading inclusive Anti-aging medical center in the state of Florida.

Meet The Team

Suzanne Ben-Kane, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H.

CEO/Medical Director

Suzanne Ben-Kane was born to her Ghanian mother and Nigerian father in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. Port-Harcourt, Nigeria, is the Capital and the Largest City in Rivers State, Nigeria. The City where she grew up lies along the Bonny River, an arm of the Niger River. The Ghanaians are known to be extremely friendly, hospitable, loving, and welcoming people. Nigerians are known to be warm and friendly. In part, perhaps this near-perfect DNA of Suzanne's mother and father is responsible for this beautiful soul that continues to touch so many lives.

Suzanne has strong values, yet she can embrace diversity; she has an uncanny ability to love all people and welcomes a challenge. She is a personable and tremendously caring person. With these attributes and so many more, it is no wonder that as she grew into adulthood, she would choose a profession in Medicine. Indeed, her journey toward caring about and having the ability to help others started at a young age, most likely before she was even aware that one day her destiny would include making such a significant change in so many people's lives.

In 2006 Suzanne became Suzanne Ben-Kane, M.D. after graduating from Medical School. Dr. Ben-Kane continued her education, receiving her Board Certification in Internal Medicine. Board Certification is an official recognition given to doctors who have met specific requirements set by National Medical Specialty Boards in the United States. Board Certification indicates that she is not only qualified but highly qualified in the medical field in which she practices. A Board-Certified doctor is more likely to have the most current skills and knowledge about medical treatments. Currently, Dr. Ben-Kane has 15+ years of diverse experiences that she brings to her practice of Medicine. She has traveled worldwide and enjoys every minute of those opportunities.

Those who know her well would say that a beautiful soul as a child evolved into a passionate, cheerful, ethical, knowledgeable, extremely caring, and fun-loving woman with multiple degrees and interests. She managed all of these accomplishments while allowing her inner beauty to shine through like a light in the darkness.

Just as her education is continuous, so too is her journey. This journey includes not only "Wellness" but also "Medical Aesthetics." She is very excited to have the opportunity to help others both internally and now externally.

Suzanne Ben-Kane, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H. is happily married with two adorable small pets and manages to find the time for other things she loves such as great food, cooking, traveling, water sports, trips on the motorcycle, winter sports, and audiobooks.

You will delight in the opportunity of meeting Dr. Ben-Kane, as you enjoy her ability to listen, her knowledge to advise, and, just as importantly, a soul that you will relish.

Harry Pristau, P.T.

Co-Founder/Body Coach

Harry was born and raised in the alpine region of Austria, where small segments of discontinuous mountain chains stretch far and wide. The Austrian Alps cover a large proportion of Austria. Harry would eventually become known as “The Austrian Bodycoach™; as you read his bio, you will understand why.

As Harry grew into a young man, his initial choice in a career would take him into the field of Amateur Boxing. Sometimes life has a way of allowing us to choose one path, not realizing that it is merely a path to our true journey in life. Becoming an Amateur Boxer served to pique his interest in Health and Fitness. Harry would spend much of his free time participating in some of the Austrian’s favorite pastimes, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and most all outdoor sports. After all, nature had provided him with such picturesque landscapes – why not use them for his genuine interest in Health and Fitness. Harry soon realized the enjoyment he felt from supporting others on their well-being journey and living a healthy lifestyle.

His love for Health and Fitness and his desire to help others became the career for which he was indeed destined. He developed and owned a training facility in Austria, later moving to Switzerland to study Physical Therapy. His career has continued to grow, and he currently has over 30 years of international experience in multiple areas of Health and Fitness. Before his most recent move, he lived in Miami, Florida, where he had a very successful business as a body coach with many international clients. St. Petersburg, Florida, is very fortunate to now have the opportunity of welcoming his diverse education, training, and experience to the people in this community.

Many would describe Harry as a person that is innovative, knowledgeable, creative, fun-loving, adventurous, exceptionally caring, and most definitely positive. All of these traits combined with his knowledge is a fabulous combination for all to experience. However, there would be no balance in his life if he didn’t also take the time to enjoy spending time with his wonderful wife. Together they enjoy trips on their motorcycle, travel, snowboarding, skiing, kiteboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and a good workout.

You will savor the opportunity of meeting and reaping the benefits offered by The Austrian Bodycoach™.