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The Voyage VIP Passport!

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As we age, we need medical spa treatments to help us maintain a youthful appearance. This is exactly why we created the Members Medical Spa Voyage VIP Passport. If you are ready to Improve and rejuvenate your appearance, save time, gain great value and look your very best, we invite to explore the VIP program.

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Infinity Passport

As an Infinity Passport member, you are able to apply the monthly amount you banked in your account toward any treatment and receive 20% savings from the regular price.

As an Infinity member, you will also receive a 20% savings on all retail purchases.


Explorer Passport

With Explorer Passport VIP medspa memberships, you are able to apply the monthly amount you banked in your account toward any treatment and receive 15% savings from the regular price.

Explorer Passport members receive 15% savings on all retail purchases.


Discovery Passport

As a Discovery Passport member, you are able to apply the monthly amount you banked in your account toward any treatment and receive 10% savings from the regular price.

Discovery Passport members will receive 10% savings on all retail purchases.


From time-to-time additional treatments are needed, therefore; you are eligible to receive the same savings based on your membership level. This will apply toward treatments and retail products beyond your monthly program. These savings apply as long as you are an active member.

  • Complimentary Skin Analysis
  • Complimentary cosmetic consultations
  • Exclusive Member only offers throughout the year
  • Members are chosen for complimentary treatments/services during events

The entire team is committed to helping you achieve your desired results and make your goals a reality.

Are you looking for med spa membership near me? At Voyage, our team of professionals care about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started is simple! You can either pick the level that works best for you or contact us. We will then do a virtual or in person consultation to help you determine the best program for you.

The VIP program allows you to bank your monthly allowance amount in your account, and it will be available for you to use toward skincare or treatments offered on the menu. Once you join, we will start with an in-depth consultation, discover your goals and needs, and then we will customize a program that will be focused on achieving the results you are looking for.

As a VIP member, you receive special savings and invitations to VIP events only. Also, special perks for referrals and your birthday!

The VIP Program never expires! You may stop at any time. However, a 60-day notice is required. Any remaining amount in your account will need to be used toward skincare products, treatments, and injection services offered at the Voyage.

At Voyage MedSpa, our team of medical professionals  are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. Our staff of board certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and aestheticians are highly trained in the latest cosmetic treatments. We offer a wide range of services such as body contouring, laser hair removal, botox injections, facials and chemical peels. Additionally we offer medical grade skincare products and nutrition advice to help support your healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to empower our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions while providing the highest level of care. With a combination of personalized attention, technological advancements and luxurious treatments, Voyage MedSpa strives to deliver outstanding patient results and experiences. We look forward to meeting you!

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With your members medical spa VIP membership, you have access to special an great savings on all anti aging skin care products. Experience laser hair removal, IV vitamin treatments whenever you need, schedule your body contouring treatments and be beach ready all year round.

With your med spa memberships, you have access to board certified medical doctors for your medical weight loss treatments, botox dysport, chemical peels and may more.

Experience the best of St Petersburg Medical Spa treatments at Voyage!