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PRFM Hair Restoration will Help you Regain Your Confidence

Hair loss treatment can be an intimidating prospect, but PRF or PRFM (platelet rich fibrin matrix) hair restoration offers a huge step in the right direction towards a more natural hair growth. PRFM stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix. It helps hair growth by utilizing special cells in the scalp. This kickstarts growth through increased blood flow, while also providing oxygen. This treatment adds building blocks like proteins, and promotes circulation by supplying the cells with necessary nutrients and promote hair follicle growth.

The team at Voyage MedSpa and Wellness are proud to introduce PRF and PRFM treatments to our patients. With Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix, we are able to create personalized skin rejuvenation and hair restoration treatments. Our goal is to provide beautiful, natural-looking outcomes. This minimally invasive procedure requires little to no downtime. Our patients get right back to their normal routines without a lengthy recovery period.

What is PRFM hair restoration?

Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix is an innovative hair loss treatment that uses PRF, a plasma-rich biomaterial derived from the patient’s own blood, to stimulate growth. This hair loss treatment works by creating a thicker, healthier hair follicle. It promotes new hair shaft growth while also preserving the integrity of hair’s natural color and texture. The Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix treatment is a safe, effective, non-invasive hair loss solution that is quickly becoming the go-to option. By utilizing the patient’s own blood, Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix treatment can be used to treat hair thinning, receding hairline or balding on any area of the scalp. This treatment technique is also relatively fast, with noticeable results often seen within weeks of the initial treatment. Overall, this medical treatment a safe and effective hair loss solution for those seeking to restore growth without invasive surgery or medications.

PRP vs. PRFM Hair Restoration

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) and PRFM (Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix) are both popular hair restoration therapies. In both treatments we extract the patient’s blood, then process it in order to concentrate the platelets.

The difference between PRP and PRF lies in the way that the platelets are processed. In PRP, the platelet-rich plasma is obtained through a centrifugation process. This separates out the different components of the blood, concentrating the platelets and other growth factors into a single serum that can be injected into the affected area.

In contrast, PRF uses a completely different method of processing to create an even more concentrated form of hair restoration therapy. This technique uses plasma to create a fibrin matrix, which is then injected into the affected area. The fibrin matrix results in a much higher concentration of platelets and other growth factors than can be achieved with PRP alone. This makes it an ideal hair restoration treatment for those looking for more dramatic results.

PRP and PRFM hair loss therapies both have their advantages, making them popular hair restoration treatments for those looking to restore hair growth and thickness.

The Procedure

During the procedure the doctor will collect a small sample of your blood and process it to isolate the platelets and fibrin. The doctor will then inject PRFM into areas of thinning hair or baldness. This provides nourishment to the follicles, stimulating new growth while strengthening existing hairs.

When can I see results?

You will see results in as little as four weeks, and you will see full results after 8-12 weeks. In addition to promoting hair growth, the procedure is safe and has no downtime or significant side effects.

Am I a candidate for PRFM Hair Treatment?

Are you considering hair restoration using Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix? The hair loss experts at Voyage MedSpa in St. Petersburg, Florida can help assess if Platelet rich fibrin matrix is the right hair restoration solution for you.

The hair specialists at Voyage MedSpa will start by taking a detailed history of your hair loss. They will learn about any underlying causes, such as hormones, medications, or hair styling practices. The hair specialist will then recommend the best hair restoration solution for you.

What is the recovery time?

The recovery time for a Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix hair regrowth treatment procedure is very short. Most patients experience no downtime and can return to their normal activities right away. Any hair loss associated with the procedure usually resolves itself within three weeks, allowing you to start showing off your new hair in no time! Your hair specialist will also use low-level laser energy during the treatment is to stimulate hair growth. This prevents further hair loss, so you can enjoy hair restoration results that last. If you’re considering a hair restoration procedure, Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix is an ideal choice due to its minimal recovery time.

How long will the results last?

The hair restoration results of PRF are long-lasting. In fact, studies have shown that the hair growth stimulated by PRF can last up to two years or even longer. This means that you will not have to keep returning for treatments once your hair has been restored. So if you’re looking for a hair restoration solution that provides lasting results, PRF is the choice for you. With hair restoration results that last up to two years or longer, you too can have the natural-looking hair you desire. Get started on your hair restoration journey today and experience the lasting results of this innovative treatment!

Are there any side effects?

While growing back hair with Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix can be an effective, non-surgical option for hair re-growth, there are typically no major side effects associated with the procedure. Patients may experience a slight discomfort during the treatment, but this is typically temporary and fades soon after. In some rare cases, patients may experience minor bruising or redness at the injection site. However, these side effects usually disappear within a few days of treatment. The hair re-growth process can take up to several months. Patience and persistence is key when it comes to hair restoration with PRF. Overall, treatment Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix is an effective option to regrow hair that doesn’t come with major side effects or risks.

How often do you need to get the treatment done?

When it comes to regrowing hair or reversing hair loss, Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix is an excellent treatment that offers long-term results. Depending on your individual hair and scalp needs, the hair specialist may recommend that you the treatment done more or less than others. Generally speaking, our experts recommend getting a hair restoration treatment every four weeks for optimal results. However, your hair specialist may prescribe that you have treatment done more or less often. This depends on your hair and scalp condition. It is always best to consult with a hair restoration professional to determine the right frequency of treatments for you.

What’s the cost involved?

The Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix hair regrowth treatment process using a relatively new technology that can provide amazing results and regrow hair. As mentioned above, the board certified doctor will take a small sample of your own blood and extract the platelets. The hair expert will re-injecting them back into areas of loss. The cost depends on the area you want to treat. It also depends on the density of hair you desire and any additional procedures that might be needed. Generally speaking, PRFM treatment price will range anywhere from $1,500 to $7,000 depending on the extent of your hairloss. However, with hair restoration, you are investing in a long-term solution that can give you the confidence boost you need to never worry about hair loss again.

Voyage MedSpa & Wellness- PRFM Hair Restoration Near Me

At Voyage Med Spa and Wellness Center, we specialize in holistic medicine, the science of the aging skin, face, body and hair treatments. Our goal is to provide our patients with the most modern, safe and effective treatments available. We provide the best and most innovative hair restoration treatments not only in the St Petersburg area but the whole of Tampa Bay .

Voyage MedSpa on 4th street N specializes in prfm hair restoration St Petersburg. The Experienced and Board Certified Physician, Dr. Ben-Kane is one of the best hair doctors in St Peterburg FL. She has been expertly treating both men and women for many years. She believes in a holistic treatment approach. You are guaranteed noticeable results at Voyage Wellness Med spa St Petersburg FL. We provide customized treatments to help you look and feel your very best. Visit us for the best selphyl prfm hair restoration St Pete.

If you are looking for hair doctors near me at a med spa in St Pete FL, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ben-Kane or call us on (727) 498-6992.

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PRFM hair and PRP restoration near me in st Peterburg Florida
After 3 treatments of customized Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix treatment

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Spring is truly on the way, an…
A gentle reminder for you: Gre…
Unpopular opinion but GOOD ski…
Spring is truly on the way, an…
A gentle reminder for you: Gre…
Unpopular opinion but GOOD ski…
Don't know what to expect afte…
Well, as medical spa owners, w…
Spring is truly on the way, an…
A gentle reminder for you: Gre…
Unpopular opinion but GOOD ski…
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Well, as medical spa owners, w…

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