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Platelet rich plasma, or PRP for short, is a natural way to rejuvenate and correct skin problems. It is something that many people have been overlooking in aesthetics. This blog post will discuss the benefits of platelet rich plasma use and how it can be used to help you feel confident about your skin again!

What does PRP do? 

The use of PRP in aesthetics has been on the rise in recent years. This is due to the many benefits that it offers. Some of these benefits include:

-Increased collagen production

-Improved skin texture and overall appearance

-Reduced wrinkles and fine lines

-Tighter, more youthful skin

-Reduced scarring from acne and other skin conditions

-Improved healing time for wounds and burns

A few of these benefits of PRP are the same as what you will see with microdermabrasion treatments. However, PRP offers many more health benefits than traditional methods such as microdermabrasion do. That is why it has been on the rise in recent years!

How does PRP work for skin?

Overall, PRP can help to reduce some of the signs that your skin is aging as well as moisturize. As you age in life, your body produces less collagen over time. Collagen is what keeps our skin looking healthy and tight! It also helps us produce elastin which is the protein that gives our skin its elasticity. When we have less collagen, this can cause fine lines and wrinkles to form. It also causes us to age faster than normal as it breaks down other proteins in your body due to a lack of nutrients being produced by these proteins themselves!

PRP helps to combat this by increasing collagen production.

PRP is natural

One of the best things about PRP is that it is a natural treatment! It uses your own blood cells and platelets to help stimulate collagen production as well as other proteins in your skin. This means that you aren’t introducing any foreign substances into your body which can sometimes lead to complications.

How is PRP treatment done?

There are a few different ways that you can undergo PRP treatment including injections of the platelet rich plasma, using it in conjunction with other treatments such as microneedling or dermabrasion and even having an actual blood transfusion to your body which then results in new cell growth! All three methods work well in terms of rejuvenating the skin.

The best part is that PRP treatments are not just for the face! You can also use it on other parts of your body such as your neck, chest, hands, and your “sexual bits”. As we age, these areas start to show signs of aging as well. PRP can help to reduce wrinkles, improve texture and increase collagen build-up in these parts of your body as well!

PRP for acne scars

The use of PRP has also been shown to reduce the appearance of scars. Acne, although something that many people experience and grow out of, can leave behind horrible scarring on your face in particular. This can be embarrassing when you are trying to go out in public or even just around friends and family! However, with the use of PRP, these scars can be significantly reduced in appearance. This not only helps to make sure that you don’t feel uncomfortable going out, but it also works to reduce the likelihood of others noticing and asking about them!

Is PRP safe?

There are a few side effects that you may experience from PRP treatments. These include redness, bruising and swelling at the site of your injection or transfusion as well as headaches which last only for a day or two.

On the other hand, some treatments such as fillers can have complications if they aren’t used correctly. Because platelet rich plasma uses your own cells, this means it doesn’t introduce any foreign substances into your body which makes the treatment completely safe to undergo on a regular basis without any long-term risks!

How long after PRP before you see results?

PRP treatments are very effective treatments. It is a simple injection of your platelet rich plasma under the upper layer of skin. The concentrated growth factors in your blood rejuvenate and regenerate your collagen.

You will see a difference in the overall texture, firmness and color of your skin right away! However, to really see the full benefits of the treatment, you should wait about six to eight weeks. This is because it takes some time for the collagen production to increase and for you to start seeing significant changes in your skin!

Is there downtime for PRP facial?

The answer is it depends on how your facial is done. There is no downtime associated with PRP facial injection treatments, so you can go about your day as normal! In fact, many people choose to have their treatments done on their lunch break and then head back to work without anyone knowing that they just had a facial! However, with PRP facial microneedling treatments, you will need a downtime of 12 to 24 hours. This is because PRP microneedling treatment includes using a pen with tiny needles to puncture your skin. This allows the platelet rich plasma to come in contact with all of the proteins that need rejuvenating! In addition, you will be able to see results from this method much faster than other facial treatments due its amazing ability to stimulate. These are some of the great things about PRP treatments. They are so minimally invasive and produce great results!

If you are looking for a more natural way to rejuvenate your skin, PRP may be the right treatment for you. It is something that is often overlooked in aesthetics but offers many benefits that cannot be found with other treatments. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see if PRP is the right treatment for you!

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Spring is truly on the way, an…
A gentle reminder for you: Gre…
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Spring is truly on the way, an…
A gentle reminder for you: Gre…
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Don't know what to expect afte…
Well, as medical spa owners, w…
Spring is truly on the way, an…
A gentle reminder for you: Gre…
Unpopular opinion but GOOD ski…
Don't know what to expect afte…
Well, as medical spa owners, w…

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