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What is Lip Filler

Lip fillers are a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting hyaluronic acid fillers into the lips. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the body, into the lips to increase their volume. The filler is typically Juvederm or Belotero or, and can also be used to define the cupid’s bow of the lip and add volume to your lips. A more recent type of hyaluronic acid-based filler is Versa and Restylane Silk. Last but not least, there’s also Restylane and Volbella. They rely on beads of hyaluronic acid for shaping and defining lips. This isperfect for people looking for more precise control in their injections! All of these types offer natural-looking results that make lips fuller and more voluminous without much downtime.

Anatomy of the Lips

Cupid’s Bow

The anatomy of the lip’s cupid’s bow is an important factor to consider when it comes to lip shapes and contours. The expert injectors at Voyage Med Spa in St. Pete are seasoned professionals when it comes to lip augmentation and lip shaping. They understand the complexities of lip anatomy such as the lip’s cupid’s bow and other features. The experts can create natural yet beautiful lip shapes. Their years of experience and knowledge in facial sculpting, leave clients with balanced lip proportions and natural curves.


The philtrum, also known as the median cleft or lip line, is an important anatomical feature of the lips. It’s often responsible for creating the attractive lip shapes seen on faces throughout the world. Skilled aesthetic specialists can make subtle tweaks to your lip shape that enhance its beauty and overall facial harmony. With expertise in facial anatomy and effective lip augmentation treatments your lips can be enhanced in ways you never thought possible!

Vermilion Boarder

The vermillion boarder is the demarcated area at the lips’ junction with the skin. Our expert lip injectors in St Petersburg FL can customize the shape of lips for beauty enhancements. They can create a well-defined outline along the vermilion boarder that accentuates a person’s lips. Further, full lips with a defined border can improve facial symmetry, while also boosting self-confidence. Professional injectors understand lips anatomy. They also know how to build volume of the lips gradually, so beauty goals are achieved without appearing artificial or overdone.


The tubercules are the two visible upper lip elevations in the middle of the lip. They are also referred to as the cupid’s bow. In morphology, tubercules are defined as a small rounded protuberance. This can be seen on the surface of either the upper lip or lower lip of humans. When it comes to lip fillers, these tubercules must be taken into consideration when designing the shape that best fits a person’s facial features. An expert lip injector like those found at Voyage Med Spa in St Pete FL have extensive knowledge in facial proportions and symmetry. They ensure seamless lip designs where balance is top priority.

Oral Commissures

The oral commissures of the lip are used as a reference point. This is especially done when injecting lip filler in locations such as Voyage MedSpa in St. Pete Florida. The oral commissures consist of two minor lip elevation angles. They form what is referred to as a ‘parenthesis sign’ shape. They help aestheticians and patients visualize the lip filler shapes they desire. This crucial structure helps to create beautiful lip results that enhance one’s overall facial appearance while maintaining proper lip anatomy and symmetry.

Picture showing anatomy of lips
Lip fillers near me

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Lip Shape Lip Fillers

Natural Shape

There are different type of lip filler shapes. Lip filler procedures allow individuals to create natural shape, fullness, and definition. Technically, an injectable dermal gel or hyaluronic acid is used to increase the volume of an individual’s lips. The natural shape is determined by a combination of genetics and muscle structure, factors that makes each person’s lips unique. Fillers can give you fuller lips.

At Voyage Med Spa in St Pete FL professional medical doctor or expert injector administers lip fillers. They do this base on the desired outcome and natural features of the individual’s face. During consultation, our elite medical practitioners takes into consideration all natural features. One feature in particular is the contour the lip line. This is in order to ensure natural-looking results for pouty lip filler shape procedures with minimal side effects. The most common lip side effects are swelling and bruising.

You most likely are a good candidate for lip enhancement with any type of dermal filler. Before your procedure the plastic surgeon will place topical anesthetic on your lips to make your procedure comfortable. Aesthetic doctors are experts at lip injections shape.

Heart Shaped or Hollowood Lips

Creating heart shaped lips or the popular Hollowood lip filler shapes has been a popular method of lip augmentation for many years. As one of the most sought-after lip filler shapes, heart shaped lips usually have a fullness to them in the center of the upper and lower lip that are particularly noticable.

If you’re looking to achieve heart shaped lips, at Voyage Med Spa in St Pete FL our experienced physician lip injectors specializes in these techniques. They will ensure that your heart shape looks natural, while remaining symmetrical and keeping the shape balanced. With heart shaped lips, you can feel confident that whatever look you choose will be complemented with their larger width and pointed pointiness in your profile.

M Shaped Lips

If you’re looking to give your lips a more defined shape, m-shaped lip filler is the perfect treatment. This technique can create fuller, more contoured lips while maintaining a natural look and feel. The m-shape enhancement involves adding a moderate amount of hyaluronic acid–based filler to the upper and lower parts of the entire lip area.

Experts note this creates a rounded, m-shape at the cupid’s bow lip filler with a bulbous look at the center of the lips. The m shaped lip filler effect makes your lips look naturally full without appearing overly inflated. With proper care, m-shaped lip filler shape can last for up to 12 months.

Key-Hole Lips

The keyhole shaped lip is the perfect shape for achieving a subtle and beautiful pout. Lip fillers can be used to skillfully create the key hole look with minimum invasiveness. This is done by strategically adding volume in key areas on the upper and lower lips.

By adding filler in symmetrical pre-determined points, careful consideration is taken to balance out the overall shape of the pout. At the same time, it is important to make sure that the lip lines are straight and smooth. The natural keyhole shaped lip look is sure to turn heads without looking overdone or artificial as sometimes happens with other methods of achieving plump lips.

Pillowy Lips

When talking about perfect lips filler, pillowy-shaped lips have been dominating the beauty industry for pouty lips filler. This look is achieved by strategically augmenting and enhancing lip size and shape with one of several FDA-approved dermal fillers. Depending on your facial features and aesthetic preferences, the qualified injector will use a combination of products and techniques to contour your lips for optimal facial harmony. With this innovative shaping, you can enjoy pillowy shaped lips that are fuller yet still perfectly fitting for your face. Injectable fillers provide you with natural yet voluminous lips that emphasizes your beauty in a subtle way.

Cupid’s Bow Shape

Lip filler is a great way to achieve the cupid’s bow shaped lips that are popular these days. The shape can be sculpted by injecting small amounts of hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler into the desired area. This will help plump, contour, or even add extra volume to your lips where needed. Expert practitioners will take time and care to ensure your results look natural but noticeable. This will really help you stand out in a crowd and feel more confident. Depending on your desired look, you may need to factor in additional treatments such as collagen treatments. Collagen treatments will get the ultimate cupid s bow shape.

Lip Filler treatments are a great way to get the lips you have always wanted. Many people choose fish lips shaped lips for a more natural look and subtle plumpness. The fish lips shape is highly popular due to its ability to contour the edge of your upper lip. The lip injector can create the appearance of a cupid’s bow, whilst still keeping it looking naturally fuller. Cupid bow lip filler provides a very defined and feminine finish. Lip filler treatments can help create that fuller and curvier lip shape. Many clients want to achieve beautiful results without the use of implants or other heavy-duty procedures.

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Different Types of Lips

Gull Wing Lips

Lips come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. From full and pouty to thin and kissable, each individual lip is unique. In addition, there are different types of lip filler shapes. Gull wing lips are symmetrical with an upward pointing cupid’s bow and two matching rounded lobes on either side of the mouth.

Those blessed with gull wing lips may be happy to know that these are considered a top lip shape for cosmetic treatments like lip augmentation or tinting. If you want to get your gull wing lips perfected to perfection, consult withVoyage Med Spa St Pete’s expert injectors. They specialize in creating beautiful Cupid’s bows without looking overfilled.

Sausage and Rosebud Lips

Lips come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different types ranging from sausage lips to rosebud lips. Sausage lips are characterized by the bottom lip protruding beyond the top lip. Rosebud lips have a symmetrical bow-like shape to them. Those with fine-lined lips have higher cupid’s bows and full bud-shaped central parts. No matter the type of lips you have, the professional injectors at Voyage Med Spa in St Petersburg can help you achive your desired shape. The Voyage lip injectors have expertise in altering the appearance of your lips so that your desired look is achieved.

Full or Perfectly Proportioned Lips

A full, attractive lip is a marker of beauty for many people. Of course, full lips (upper lips and bottom lips) come in different shapes and sizes, and recently more options have become available to make full lips an achievable goal. Lip filler has become increasingly popular, creating full yet natural lips without the pain of cosmetic surgery.

There are different ways to create fullness. One method is creating an inverted ‘V’ shape with Volbello. – And there are many shapes available so that you can tailor it to your desired look. It’s important, however, to remember aftercare is essential when using lip filler. Aftercare often consists of managing swelling and avoiding certain foods that could relax the product over time.

Shelf Lips

Every person is unique and that includes their lips. From the very thin shelf lips to the ever popular fuller Juvederm lip fillers, there are a range of types that make up this distinctive feature. Shelf lips, sometimes known as ‘petite bow lips’, have less volume than average, often retaining a ‘Y’ shape when viewed from the center outward. These can be enhanced with a natural-looking filler that still allows for your individual features to shine through.

On the other hand, Juvederm lip fillers can provide a fuller look if desired. When done by an experienced injector, it will appear naturally plump but must always be combined with proper aftercare instructions to retain the results. All in all, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for lips; each beauty looks their best when taken into consideration their own type and needs!

Thin Outer Lips

Lips come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Everyone is unique, and the way we express ourselves can often be through our lips. A thin set of outer lips can be made to look more full by using dermal fillers administered by an expert lip injector St Pete.

There are different techniques and products used for lip contouring that allow you to shape your lips exactly how you want them to look, enhancing their natural beauty. It is important to remember though, that post treatment aftercare is also essential for successful results, so it’s best to research which option would suit your lifestyle the most before committing.

Double Lobe Upper Lip

With different kinds of lips shapes, it can be difficult to choose which one you prefer. Many people go for double lobe upper lips, which feature a two-pronged “M” shape at the top and give off a fuller, aesthetically pleasing look. d If you are seeking out lip fillers, seeking out an expert lip injector in St. Pete can help ensure that your results last longer due to the experienced precision with which they work.

In addition, It is also important to keep track of aftercare instructions given by professionals in order to maintain your appearance. Be sure to seek out befores and afters from previous patients of your chosen expert lip injector so you know what results you should expect!

Triple Lobe Upper Lip

Getting cosmetic lip augmentation with lip fillers is a both an art and a science. At Voyage Med Spa St Pete, our goal is to help you achieve soft and proportionate lips that look natural with triple lobe upper lip scoops that create a beautiful balance and aesthetically pleasing cupids bow.

Before any treatment, we will outline the process and aftercare so you can feel comfortable in knowing what to expect before and after the procedure. We also offer befores and afters for visual reference so you can compare your results side by side. We know that getting the lips of your dreams are important to you, which is why we make sure to go above and beyond every step of the way!

Double Lobe Lower Lip

Having full, pillowy lips is a coveted look throughout the world, and there are countless types of lip fillers available to get you there. Double lobe lower lips have become an increasingly popular choice at Voyage med spa st pete due to the soft and symmetrical shape they create. However, before making a decision it’s important to be informed about the aftercare instructions and risks associated with each type of lip filler you consider.

Thankfully, most clinics will offer a consultation before treatment so that you can discuss your goals with an expert injector. Furthermore, your expert injector will also provide pictures of before and after transformations for certain lip filler treatments so that you can see what results are possible ahead of time.

Your perfect lips

Remember, lip fillers are customized to the person’s face and beauty desires. Apart from enhancing thin lips, they can treat fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on the shape of your face, chin, and nose, a properly trained expert lip injector will recommend the best course of popular lip injections to ‘boost’ your natural beauty. Consultations are always necessary and available for those who want to learn more about receiving lip injections.

Where can I find Lip Fillers Near Me

If you’re looking for expert lip injectors and the best lip fillers near you, you need to look no further than Voyage Med Spa in St Pete fl. Our team of board certified injectors are skilled and highly trained, giving you an overall great experience and the best different lip filler shapes. Using the latest technology and different types of lip fillers, Voyage Med Spa will give you exactly what you need to get those perfect lips with our lip filler shape guide. Stop wasting your time looking for lip fillers near me, voyage med spa is your best option! Also check out our m shaped lips filler before and after photos on instagram.

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Well, as medical spa owners, w…
Spring is truly on the way, an…
A gentle reminder for you: Gre…
Unpopular opinion but GOOD ski…
Spring is truly on the way, an…
A gentle reminder for you: Gre…
Unpopular opinion but GOOD ski…
Don't know what to expect afte…
Well, as medical spa owners, w…
Spring is truly on the way, an…
A gentle reminder for you: Gre…
Unpopular opinion but GOOD ski…
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