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Looking for a med spa near you that offers lip injections? Look no further! Our experienced team of medical professionals will give you fuller, natural-looking lips with state-of-the-art technology and techniques. Contact us now for a consultation and to book your appointment.

Learn About Lip Injections and the Benefits. 

Lip injections also known as lip augmentation are popular cosmetic treatments that can give you fuller, more kissable lips. The procedure involves injecting certain substances, like hyaluronic acid, into your lips to suit your desired look and facial structure.

Medspa Lip injections may offer benefits beyond making your lips look plumper. They also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and providing long-lasting results. Contact us now for a consultation and to learn more about the benefits of lip injections!

Different Types of Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are made from hyaluronic acid. They are used to add volume to your lips and can enhance your natural beauty. There are different brands and types of dermal fillers including Juvederm, Restylane, Versa, RHA, and natural fillers. Your injector will guide you on the best one for you.

Prepare Before Getting Lip Injections. 

Before you come in for lip injections, it’s important to properly prepare. At Voyage med spa St Pete FL, we recommend avoiding using any fish oils or over-the-counter steroids. They can interfere with the lip fillers and make swelling occur.

Additionally, you need to avoid drinking alcohol a week before treatment. You will also need to stop taking ibuprofen and Aspirin four days prior to the day of your appointment. Lastly, your doctor will ask you medication such as blood thinners which could potentially interfere with the procedure.

Schedule The Procedure With A Licensed Med-Spa. 

When it comes to getting lip injections, safety should be your top priority. Be sure to choose a reputable med spa that is fully licensed and staffed with medical professionals who have extensive experience. At Voyage med spa, our elite team of highly trained injectors will ensure you achieve the long lasting results you desire.

The Lip Filler Procedure

Before your procedure, your injector or plastic surgery doctor will go over all the steps of your procedure. The medical aesthetician ask you about your medications, medical history and allergies. They will also find out what your desired results are. Most importantly, they will discuss the side effects of the procedure.

Your board certified medical doctor will numb your lips before your procedure. You will have several options such as an ice pack, numbing cream, laughing gas or a dental nerve block. The medical provider will start by defining your lip lines and will add volume to give you fuller lips. Lip fillers can enhance your lip shaped.

Your lip injector may recommend adding botox injections or xeomin injections to enhance your new natural looking lips.

Recover After Your Lip Injections Procedure. 

After your lip injection procedure is complete, it’s important that you follow all pre- and post-treatment instructions closely to ensure the best results. You need to limit physical activity for 2 to 3 days.

You will also be asked to apply a cold compress to your lips for about 10 to 15 minutes. It is important that you sleep with your head propped up for 1 or 2 nights. In addition avoid certain activities like drinking from a straw or smoking.

The first 24 hours is crucial as you will start to notice bruising from blood vessels at the injection site. Your injector will prescribe arnica to reduce the bruising. If you notice any signs of infections or increased pain, be sure to make an appointment with our team of professionals or your physician.

Consider Maintenance Visits After the Initial Procedure.

Following your initial lip injection procedure, it’s important to plan for maintenance visits. Maintenance visits may vary depending on the results you desire or your individual timeline. Generally, the effects of lip filler will begin to slowly fade over time.

You will require follow-up treatments in 6 to 9 months to maintain desired results. Our team at Voyage will create a personalized treatment plan so your new lips look their best for as long as needed.

Lip Injections Near Me – Voyage Med Spa St Petersburg

Looking to get natural lips with lip filler, Dr. Ben-Kane and her team at Voyage MedSpa St Petersburg specialize in natural beauty. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Ben-Kane and her staff.

Lip Filler Specials in St. Petersburg Florida

We provide a $50 gift card for all or NEW patients! For our existing patients, we have an amazing reward and referral program that includes custom savings during each visit. We absolutely love to spoil and pamper our clients!

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Well, as medical spa owners, w…
Spring is truly on the way, an…
A gentle reminder for you: Gre…
Unpopular opinion but GOOD ski…
Spring is truly on the way, an…
A gentle reminder for you: Gre…
Unpopular opinion but GOOD ski…
Don't know what to expect afte…
Well, as medical spa owners, w…
Spring is truly on the way, an…
A gentle reminder for you: Gre…
Unpopular opinion but GOOD ski…
Don't know what to expect afte…
Well, as medical spa owners, w…

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